Our integration


ERP software, the Enterprise Resource Planning software package, is an essential IT system to facilitate exchanges within the company and between business lines.

It covers your company’s activities by allowing you to manage real-time finance, logistics and production, project management, human resources, etc. In addition to this management as close as possible to your present and future needs, the tool is flexible and customizable to meet the specificities of your business sector.

Odyssée-Conseil will help you choose the most suitable solution and adapt the ERP to your business in order to allow the expected productivity gains.

Indeed, Odyssée-Conseil, as an ERP Software Publisher Partner, guides you in the integration process.

What is our role?

To deploy a solution, after analysis of your needs and your processes, we will accompany you:

in the choice of ERP and in the in-depth presentation of the selected software package,

in the software installation and customization,

in your information system other brick integration.

What are our qualities?

our understanding of your current and future business needs,

our technical skills and software mastery by consultants (application knowledge),

our ability to achieve your objectives, whatever the difficulties encountered,

our ability to train your users, artisans of your digital transformation,

our Qualified Experts Team in a wide range of different fields able to meet your needs.

The main stages of integration

Recommendation regarding the sizing of the technical architecture

Business process analysis and optimization

Integration and development

Unit and integration tests

User training and support

Deployment in subsidiaries

Application Maintenance, User Support, Maintenance in Operational Condition Link to the appropriate page

By following these main steps, it takes on average at least six months to implement an ERP package in a company.