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Digitization – LAD/RAD: transforming your paper documents into computer files and content

You would like to:

Reduce the time required to distribute and process information,

Secure and track incoming information,

Optimize the follow-up of important letters, with acknowledgement of receipt or additional response time, with reminders and alerts,

Streamline and reduce costs:

from processing to reception,

of distribution,

of conservation,

of restitution.

Odyssée Conseil accompanies you from the phase of framing your projects, in the definition and the choice of your solution, according to:

The nature of your organization (centralized, decentralized; logical distribution and processing of incoming documents, etc.),

The business typology and form, documents concerned (tenders, complaints, contact form, after-sales service request, invoices, parking tickets, etc.),

Your alternatives in terms of internalization or outsourcing of your solution,

Your expectations in terms of consultation functionalities and document processing workflows, etc.

Since 11 January 2007, a tax instruction has allowed companies issuing paper invoices to do it without their physical archiving and opt for electronic archiving, thus giving the evidential value to electronic duplicates. This legal development represents a significant source of savings.
The technical system must make it possible to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and durability of the content of the “electronic duplicate” from the time the paper original is issued until the expiry of the storage period for the duplicate.

Scanning – OMR/OCR: Transforming your paper documents into computer files and content