Our expertise

Project Management Support Consulting

The economic difficulties and structural changes we are experiencing call for a strategy for companies and organizations based on:

A policy to improve cost controls.

A policy of optimizing processing processes.

The development of differentiation strategies.

Our calling is to understand the business and needs of our clients for enable organizations to anticipate market changes, redefine their needs and adapt their management methods; Support business and technical teams in the implementation of their projects; Better master the three elements of Quality / Cost / Deadline, etc. INTM knows how to stay at the forefront of technology, the Odyssée Conseil pole has developed a service offer based on a thorough knowledge of the business (purchasing, architecture and information systems, financial management, etc.) and in close collaboration with its clients.

Our objective: to become a long-term partner and support you in the modernization of your organization and in the development of your performance

Nature of our interventions:

Opportunity and feasibility studies.

Analysis and Audit of information systems, Organization and processes (Flash Audit).

Project Management Support.

Documenting needs / Drafting specifications.

Choosing software / Defining target solutions.

Market consultation and selection assistance.

Efficient organization, planning and management of projects (Project Management)