Since the law of 13 March 2000: Electronics has the same evidential value as paper.

Written documents in electronic form shall be admitted as evidence in the same way as written documents on paper, provided that the person from whom they originate can be duly identified and that they are drawn up and stored in such a way as to guarantee their integrity.

Odyssée Conseil supports you in the analysis, choice of solution and implementation of your electronic exchange project, taking into account regulatory, economic, technological and organizational issues.

Secure or evidential electronic archiving.

You wish to:

Organize your documents and guarantee their security and integrity over time,

Identify and rationalize the typology of formats according to their origin,

Define the rules for consulting/downloading/sending your documents via a secure interface,

Organize the rules of restitution as well as the traceability of events on your documents.

Odyssée Conseil helps you define an electronic archiving policy adapted to your needs, taking into account:

Legal constraints depending on the nature of the documents concerned,

Organizational and technical constraints of your environment.