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How to make your company a successful Purchase to Pay organization?

Standardizing and optimizing business processes are major challenges for companies’ competitiveness. If you want to make your company a successful Purchase to Pay organization and improve your financial and operational ratios, you will have to rethink the entire Purchase to Pay chain. This requires assessing your existing performance – strengths and weaknesses – through analysis of a series of key performance indicators, including:

Cost per bill

% of invoices cleared on the first try

Number of FTE staff in accounting department

Number of invoices per FTE

Number of suppliers

Number of new suppliers per month

Number of purchases excluding contracts

Number of received goods, incorrectly or not invoiced

Number of electronic invoices

Number of paper invoices

Payment duration (average)

% of paid late invoices

Number of users

Number of trained users

As a specialist in consulting and It services, Odyssée Conseil offers a set of powerful solutions to automate your Purchase to Pay processes. By automating the entire processing chain, you will significantly reduce input work, reduce errors related to human interventions, speed up processing, gain visibility and traceability on your flows, and improve your relations with your uppliers. Freed from tedious tasks, your employees can devote themselves to tasks with higher added value.